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Quick Cooking Grits Recipe


Total Time:   45.0 min


2 cups of water
1 cup "Quick Cooking" Grits (not instant)
1 1/4 cup milk
1 teaspoon salt

top with:
thick slice of butter
or try
brown sugar or cheddar cheese


1.  Combine water, milk, salt in a small pot.  Slowly bring to a boil.
2.  Once the mixture is at a mild boil, stir the grits into the pot.  Stir thoroughly to saturate the grits.
3.  Allow the mixture to boil again, and place a lid on the pot.  Lower temperature to low-medium.
4.  Cook for about 30-35 minutes, stirring every 5 min.  Add water as needed.
5.  Once the grits reach a creamy consistency, they are ready.

Serve hot with a slice of butter melting on top.


Some enjoy a little brown sugar, or cheddar cheese added when served.

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