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Quinoa - It's better than you think


 KEEN-wha??  This protein rich, gluten-free superfood will change your world!   Excellent substitute for rice, and a serious superfood. 

Quinoa, pronounced KEEN-wah, is a protein rich grain that carries the superfood designation.  It's nutritional value is hard to beat in the world of grains, and it tastes great whether you use it as a rice substitute or in a dish of your own creation.  Here at backhomerecipes, we use it in stir fry!

What's so great about quinoa?  Though higher in fat than brown rice (slightly), it has more protein (24 gr / cup) and contains all eight essential amino acids.  For those of you who are vegetarian, quinoa will go a long way to ensure your meatless diet is well founded.  Best of all, quinoa is gluten-free.

Preparation  You should rinse quinoa thoroughly to remove its naturally bitter outer coating.  Depending on the quinoa recipe you choose, you'll add water and a dash of salt, and cook in a pot on low until the desired texture reached (approx 15-20 minutes). Quinoa tends to stick to itself, so tossing with a fork helps improve the presentation.

Breakfast lunch or dinner, Quinoa is highly recommended by our staff.  It won't break the bank.

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